Thursday, October 29, 2015

Argument and theme

            This involves the first step in getting close to the meaning of the fragment.  Among other strategies, you can use:

      Indicating the fragment’s argument situating it in the general narration of the happenings
      Indicate the theme of the fragment, meaning the significance the author wants to give the work
      Indicate if it is about a theme with more references or topics a) in the literature, b) in a movement or time, and/or c) in the author.  Any reference to other literatures is always welcome but not the fundamental goal of the commentary

            Any commentary should have its own conclusion; it can be done in various ways:
      A reiteration or summary that takes in all the most important aspects of the commentary
      A reaffirmation of a thesis presented throughout the commentary, specifically,in the beginning of it
      The solution to a problem presented throughout the commentary, especially in the beginning
      A personal opinion based on knowledge or sufficient reasons.  It can coincide with a desire or feeling
      A present day example of the topic or its characteristics today or how it has evolved

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