Thursday, October 29, 2015


A commentary on a literary text is an exercise that consists in understanding the significance and values of a literary work, meaning that it is about comprehending how an idea or multiple ideas are being expressed.

            Many authors can explain how a literary commentary is written for which they propose following a specific work technique: it is a good way of beginning the role but do not renounce your proper voice, just like in anything, nor should you think that you will find it in the first essays you read.

            We can start by defining what is not a literary commentary:
a)          It is not a commentary on the content where the words of the text are paraphrased over and over
b)         It is not a collection of formal elements put onto a generally meticulous list
c)          It is not an occasion for presenting your knowledge on a topic besides the one at hand

            What elements will enrich your literary commentaries with ease?

a)          Reading about any topic, in any language, at any time or place
b)         Any contact with the other arts: theater, music, fine art
c)          Knowing the history behind the literature
d)         Good linguistic and rhetorical formation (in general, phonics, phonology, semantics, lexicology; and, specifically, poetry, meter, rhetorical figures, etc.)
e)         And over all, a lot of scientific honesty and common sense

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