Tuesday, December 1, 2015


1)                  Write a short bio of the author, and the historical context or literary movement to which he or she belongs.
2)                  Identify the subject.
3)                  Analyze the title (if it's eponymous, emblematic, or symbolic).
4)                  Type of narrator (omniscient, subjective, or objective).
5)                  Space and time location.
6)                  Describe the characters.
7)                  Define the structure (check if you can divide it, like "A la deriva", in beginning, middle, and end).
8)                  Analyze the different literary techniques being used (comparisons, images, metaphors, personifications, etc.).
9)                  Draw conclusions (you can include your personal opinion about the work).
You can alter this order when writing a literary analysis; you can for example move the exposition of the subject to the end, as well as the analysis of the title, which might correspond to the body of the text.

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